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Najpogostejša vprašanja

1. Zakaj je dodano železo pri žvečljivih tabletah, pri kapsulah pa ne?

Vnos ustrezne količine železa po braiatrični operaciji je zelo pomemben. V kapsulah je železo že dodano, zato ker ga s kapsulo samo pogoltnete, medtem ko žvečljivo tableto nekaj časa žvečite in bi čutili okus železa med žvečenjem. Železo je dodano v obliki tablete, ki jo samo pogoltnete.

Tablete železa brezplačno dodamo vašemu paketu žvečljivih tablet.

2. Katere klinične študije ima FitForMe?

FitForMe ima 11 kliničnih študij, katere povzetke si lahko preberete v angleškem jeziku.

  • WLS Optimum:

Vitamin deficiencies are common, and postoperative nutritional management after SG is underestimated. The use of a specialized multivitamin supplement resulted in higher mean serum concentrations and less deficiencies of vitamin B1, folic acid, and vitamin B12. This study shows that SG patients benefit from the specialized multivitamin supplements, but adjustments are required for iron and vitamin B6 content.

This optimized multivitamin supplement only affected serum levels of folic acid, PTH and vitamin B1, and anemia rates compared to a sMVS.  There is a clear need to further optimize multivitamin supplementation for SG patients. Besides, noncompliance with multivitamin supplements remains an important issue that should be dealt with.

  • WLS Forte:

The use of specialized multivitamin supplements resulted in less deficiencies of vitamin B12, vitaminD, folicacid, and ferritin. The study showed that Roux-en-Y gastric bypass patients benefited from the specialized multivitamin supplements and it should be advised to this patient group.

An optimized multivitamin supplement is safe and reduces the development of iron and vitamin B12 deficiencies after LRYGB.

At 3 years postoperative of RYGB, an optimized multivitamin supplement (WLS Forte) was more effective in reducing anemia and ferritin, vitamin B12, and zinc deficiencies compared with a standard supplement and control.

Conversion into a SADI resulted in significantly more weight loss while complications rates and nutritional deficiencies were similar and may therefore be considered the recommended operation for patients in which only additional weight loss is required.

Exceptionally high supplementation doses are needed to prevent and treat vitamin and mineral deficiencies in patients after BPD or BPD/DS. Further refinement and simplification of treatment schedules is needed. Focus on improvement of compliance to treatment is recommended.

  • Ostale

RYGB adversely affects the absorption of ferrous fumarate tablets but not that of solubilized ferrous gluconate.  A solubilized supplement is therefore preferred as the supplement of first choice after RYGB.

The efficacy of oral vitamin B12 supplementation was similar to that of hydroxocobalamin injections in the present study. Oral supplementation can be used as an alternative to hydroxocobalamin injections to treat RYGB patients with low values of serum vitamin B12.

Preventing deficiencies with WLS Forte® seem initially more expensive than sMVS. However, treatment with WLS Forte® resulted in less vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which eventually resulted in less overall costs.